What we mean by creating a richer life


What we mean by creating a richer life


Through our financial advice and portfolio management we help our clients to make money, but on its own money is just a ledger entry or a pile of notes and coins.

It is how money enables us to live the life we want that counts.

A richer life will mean something different to each of us whether that be retiring comfortably, affording a nice bottle of wine from time to time or a trip to the movies. It could be having the means to visit the grandchildren overseas to make precious family memories. It comes down to having choices that aren’t constrained by financial means.

When we transition from working to retirement we will need to rely on our savings to live. We all have a different view of what constitutes a comfortable retirement but everyone can make their situation better by saving and investing as early as possible and enjoying the benefits of compounding investment returns. NZ Superannuation will cover the bare basics. KiwiSaver will help but depending on how much you contribute, may still not be enough.

It isn’t easy to save and increasing life expectancy, higher house prices and possibly upcoming tax changes make the task more difficult.  Making a plan means you are more likely to achieve your financial goals. And don’t forget to plan for the non- financial aspects of retirement such as social and leisure activities and exercise. Social connectivity is a major predictor of longevity as are mental and physical wellbeing.

With our help you can take the steps towards creating a richer life.

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