How we ensure your investments are secure

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are in life and of course you want to know your investments are held safely.


How do we achieve this at Saturn Advice?


First of all it’s important to differentiate between the value of your investments and their security.


Investment markets are volatile and will rise and fall from one day to the next.  Some of the things that influence markets include changing interest rates, prospects for global and domestic economic growth and the performance of individual securities. Sometimes it is down to undue optimism or pessimism, the behavioural aspects of investing.


We believe the best protection against this kind of uncertainty is to have a diversified portfolio of investments that matches your investment goals and objectives and your capacity (and willingness) to take on investment risk.


The security of the investments is another thing altogether. Imagine a situation where your investments are managed by your financial adviser who then gets into financial strife. You want to know that if their business gets into trouble, it won’t affect your investments.

We don’t handle your investments or money directly

At Saturn Advice, we don’t handle your investments or money directly. Instead we use a third party investment administration service called Aegis.


The Aegis service comprises two companies.  Aegis Limited (Aegis) is the investment administration service which enables us to electronically manage your investments and provide you with portfolio reports.


Investment Custodial Services Limited (ICSL) is the custodian which acts as a bare trustee for your investments. ICSL has no discretionary powers* in relation to your investments, so it cannot undertake investment transactions without instructions from us.

Although ICSL is the registered holder of the investments, you retain the beneficial ownership which means that if Saturn Advice (or Aegis and ICSL) were to get into financial difficulty your investments would still be secure. Aegis and ICSL are both wholly owned subsidiaries of ASB Bank.


Apart from keeping your investment secure, the Aegis service provides Saturn Advice with access to a wide range of investment options and enables us to manage and report on investment portfolios effectively for you. As a result you receive a consolidated view of your investments, access to a secure online portal and the convenience of having your investments administered in one place.


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*An exception is where ICSL is required to undertake transactions to meet its regulatory obligations.