It’s a great time to be a regular saver!

It’s a great time to be a regular saver!


Buy Low and Sell High is the holy grail of investment strategies, yet one that is notoriously difficult to get right. Few successfully predict the ‘bottom’ of the market and you risk being out of the market altogether when those early rallies occur.

Rather than trying to time the market, the best low risk strategy remains Dollar Cost Averaging – saving each and every month throughout good markets and bad.

When prices go down (January 2016 anyone?) you get more units for your money. When markets are high you buy fewer. Over the long term you pay a lower average cost of investment and take timing worries out of the equation.

Most economists are predicting 2016 to be a year of subdued growth with increased volatility – perfect conditions to launch a regular savings strategy.

Saving regularly into your portfolio is one sure way to reach retirement with a bigger pool of capital and potentially a more comfortable retirement.

Saving Strategies for 2016

  • Have a hard look at your household’s cash flows – are there surplus funds that could be saved?
  • Or – could you increase your mortgage payments so that when fully repaid you can switch to saving all or part of your regular mortgage payments?
  • Save a pay rise before you get used to having it.
  • Set up a regular contribution to your portfolio. Your Saturn Adviser can set up Standing Orders to invest the money into recommended investment funds each month.
  • Save as much as you can afford, every little bit helps.

It can be hard to accumulate a lump sum for investment. Regular saving means you don’t have to.

Pay yourself first and get saving! Talk to us today.