Financial Planning

How’s Your Financial Resilience? – A Reality Check


By Glenn Weston, AFA – 2 July 2020 How are you thinking and feeling about your financial affairs in these uncertain times? Financial resilience is your ability to adapt and survive financial hard times. Many of us will face money troubles at some point in…

Are Fees Stopping You From Getting Financial Advice?


The subject of fees can be a distraction when it comes to deciding whether or not to seek financial advice. No question, fees are an important consideration, but like most things in life its more about getting value for money.

Saturn Advice’s Approach to Responsible Investing


By Peter Dine 23rd June 2020 Responsible investing has historically been the domain of groups or individuals with very strong ethical views governing what they will (or more likely will not) invest in. Socially Responsible Investing and Ethical Investing are sometimes terms used to describe…

Is now a good time to invest during COVID-19?


Its always a good time to invest for your future. However, this needs to be qualified because the answer is a personal one.

Short term behaviours can negatively affect long term returns


  By Steve Baker, Authorised Financial Adviser, 22 April 2020 It is a perfectly normal human emotion to feel concerned or even stressed during times of extreme share market volatility, as we have been experiencing during the last couple of months because of Covid-19. After…

What makes a good advice firm?


An Adviser’s perspective – Glenn Weston, AFA 18 February 2020 Tap-dancers need not apply…they may look and sound the part but seldom contribute to the bottom line! When meeting new clients for the first time, I ask: “Is this a new experience for you?” because…

The risk of turning up late to the party


By Alister Pirie, AFA Based on my experience as a Financial Adviser over the past 31 years, financial advice firms usually receive strong inflows of funds leading into a market correction or crash. Many potential investors sit on the side-line watching equity markets rise during…

Can I lose everything?


  By Jean Strock AFA We are experiencing a classic Black Swan event in the markets, defined as an event that is unexpected, has a major impact and is difficult to predict. Certainly we never foresaw New Zealand being in a state of emergency and…

The value of financial advice


POSTED ON 9/1/2020. ARTICLE BY PETER DINE   When it comes to financial advice, one of the most common questions we get asked by prospective clients is “how much will it cost”. It’s a very valid question. After all, as an impartial and fee based…

The retirement income gap – will a ‘No Frills’ lifestyle be good enough for you?


The Westpac Massey University Fin Ed Centre has released its 2019 New Zealand Retirement Expenditure Guidelines showing a continuing shortfall between NZ Superannuation and actual household expenditure. A two person household in provincial New Zealand had the smallest income gap while households in Metropolitan areas…

KiwiSaver savings – early access fish hooks


By Jean Strock, AFA   KiwiSaver schemes have been successful in getting Kiwi’s engaged with and actively saving for their retirement. The FMA KiwiSaver Annual Report 2019 identified 2.9m people invested in KiwiSaver schemes as at March 2019 with total funds under management of $57bn,…

Overcoming fear when markets fall


Most of us would like to think we make rational investment decisions, right? Well here’s a chart courtesy of Russell Investments suggesting the opposite happens in practice. The area circled on the right hand side shows a big dip in the US share market in…

Managing Longevity Risk – living a long life without running out of money!


We all want to live as long as possible, right? Yet many of us worry that we will outlive our nest egg, potentially scrimping and saving throughout the extra years that medical science and healthy living have made possible. Longevity risk is the adverse financial…


Where to invest if not in property?


This article is last of a series aimed to address some of the common questions regarding investing in New Zealand residential property. I hope the information provided will be useful to readers when contemplating financial decisions. Note the information provided is not personalised financial advice…


Value of the pound affecting your UK pension transfer decisions?

Featured post written by Steve Baker AFA, 29 March 2019*   Uncertainty around Brexit and how this could affect the value of the British Pound is a serious consideration for those now living in New Zealand but with sterling assets remaining in the UK. This...

Winning Lotto


Imagine winning lotto – something most of us do when we purchase that luckiest of tickets allowing us to drift into a pipe dream and consider what we would do if we actually did win! The extended overseas trip, no wait for the new car,…


What we mean by creating a richer life


Through our financial advice and portfolio management we help our clients to make money, but on its own money is just a ledger entry or a pile of notes and coins. It is how money enables us to live the life we want that counts….


Addressing the gender pension gap


KiwiSaver started on 1 July 2007 yet already there is a significant gap between the balances of men relative to women and this gap is growing rapidly.

XX The High Cost Chromosome


by Jean Strock AFA On Friday 15 July, I attended XX The High Cost Chromosome, a forum hosted by the Retirement Policy and Research Centre at the University of Auckland Business School. The forum examined the financial and retirement issues facing women who over their…

Digging a Deeper Hole: UK Pension Schemes and the Implications of Brexit


Steve Baker, Authorised Financial Adviser, Saturn Advice The UK’s Brexit vote has wide ranging implications in a number of areas. In this article, Steve investigates what this might mean for UK Final Salary Pension Schemes. The UK Pensions Minister, Ros Altmann, has been quoted as…

It’s a great time to be a regular saver!


Buy Low and Sell High is the holy grail of investment strategies, yet one that is notoriously difficult to get right. Few successfully predict the ‘bottom’ of the market and you risk being out of the market altogether when those early rallies occur. Rather than…

Don’t Fall Over the Retirement Cliff


In late 2012 the US was preoccupied with an impending ‘fiscal cliff’- a combination of spending cuts and new taxes that had the potential to take $600 billion out of the US economy and push it into recession. It is possible for New Zealanders to…

The Lifetime Habits of Centenarians


By Jean Strock, AFA When we talk about retirement planning one of the issues we now face is how much longer a retirement nest egg has to last. A 65 year old man today could live on average to age 86 and a female to…


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