Creating Trust

There are 4 founding principles underpinning the Saturn Advice business. They are Impartiality, Transparency, Security and Trust. In many ways, trust is what happens when you reliably deliver the other three principles. For example…


  1. if we are able to demonstrate impartiality by providing clients with considered advice that doesn’t allow our own interests to influence the advice provided;


  1. if we are transparent in our dealings with clients both when they first engage with us and on an ongoing basis; and


  1. if we can ensure clients’ investments are securely held;


… we are well on the road to creating an environment of trust with our clients.

An environment of trust

Imagine driving a car with active cruise technology. It makes driving easier by automatically slowing the car down or increasing its speed to match the car in front without input from the driver. The chances are the first time you try it you’ll have your foot hovering over the brake, just in case it doesn’t work when the car in front slows down. After a while you become familiar with it and start to like and trust the technology. As the saying goes “Trust is always earned, never given”.


Likewise with our business, trust is earned through time. We earn trust by consistently putting clients’ interests first, avoiding potential conflicts of interest and by doing what we say we are going to do. It comes down to doing the right thing by our clients.

But as another saying goes, “talk is cheap”. Creating an environment of trust goes hand in hand with creating a culture of good conduct with the highest standards of ethics. This is why we have enrolled our staff and directors as associate members of the CFA Society New Zealand, which is affiliated with the CFA Institute. This is a global association of investment professionals whose mission is to lead the investment profession globally by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education and professional excellence.


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