What our clients say about us

From an online survey of our clients conducted in February 2019 here is what our clients say about us:


  • “Personal, competent, explain things clearly, making us money. Couldn’t be better.”
  • “Clear explanations and support around financial advice.”
  • “Timely changes and regular proactive contact.”
  • “Advisers are friendly, professional and offer good advice.”
  • “Easy to follow. Can request personal dialogue if I need it.”
  • “The system is transparent with thorough reporting. Advice has been good.”
  • “Active management of portfolio. Prompt response to enquiries. Always someone available to talk to when necessary.”
  • “Knowing the face behind the mouth, also salary rather than commission.”
  • “You are doing what I am not at all familiar with and I feel comfortable.”
  • “Personal service. Not just a number.”
  • “I feel I am getting personalised treatment.”
  • “Prompt attention, and very professional.”
  • “You can speak with someone.”
  • “They keep us informed with plenty of reports and we meet our advisor twice a year at home.”
  • “I am totally satisfied.”