John McConnell

John McConnell

John McConnell
Managing Director

John has owned and or managed financial services businesses for more than 25 years.


During this time he learned not all financial advice businesses are equal. Some are more directed to gaining a sale than operating in the best interests of the client, which he struggles with personally.


In 2011, John took over the management of Saturn and soon became the largest shareholder.


His goal was to build a financial advice business which had no in-house investment products to sell, and to have a team of financial advisers on fixed remuneration with no bonuses or commissions paid.


John believed if the business model focused on the best financial advice for people wanting to improve their financial lives and there were no incentives, he could refer his family and friends knowing they would get the best advice for them!


Saturn’s team of advisers focus on how to get the best outcome for clients and not on how much money they may earn from clients.


John believes Saturn has built one of New Zealand’s most client friendly, transparent financial advisory businesses.


John says it is amazing to see new clients relax when they understand their choice to invest (or not) with Saturn will not affect their adviser’s income. “You see the body language change, they relax and instantly start engaging with a level of trust.”


John believes if you do what you enjoy for work, it is no longer work.


When he’s not in the office, you’ll find John in the great outdoors. Biking and paddle boarding are his two main passions.


“We would love to talk with you if you are interested in working with an impartial firm that can help you build or manage your wealth”.